Connected Studios

Connected Studios is your gateway into the world of Connected Media and a division of the award winning press celebrated company Five Tier, Inc.

Start with an iconic Times Square Billboard placement, priced at $25 per 15 second ad play.

Grow Awareness

460,000 pedestrians pass through iconic Times Square each day. Roughly 130 Million visitors on a yearly basis.

Increase Perception

What customers believe a product or service represents, not what the company owning the brand says it does. Brand perception comes from customer use, experience, functionality, reputation and word of mouth recommendation - on social media channels as well as face to face.

Improve Engagement

People spend 2.5+ hours a day on social media platforms. That means for nearly three hours a day, you have a chance to reach your target customers with your products and services.

For a decade we've helped companies of all sizes - Experience the magic of Connected Media

Who are we?

Post provided photography to Social Media and watch your likes, comments, shares and followers explode.  You have now connected two media channels – Digital Out of Home and Social – which is just the beginning.  Target your audience through ConnectedTV and Streaming Audio using over 32,000 databases from real time mobile device data to demographic, behavioral, and psychographic profiles.

Access an international network of more than 1MM out of home screens from roadside billboards to doctors offices, gas stations, and grocery stores.Creative that is tagged with a call to action allows for activity to be tracked through all channels to and through purchase.

Know your engaged audience better than ever before all through the world’s leading Connected Media Platform – Five Tier Connect.  Sound like a lot? Don’t worry, Connected Studios is here to guide you along the path to success.

"Five Tier created an opportunity for exposure that New York Edge would never be able to afford on our own. The package and group event not only let us show our ads but gave New York Edge a great story to share with the public. Count us in for next year!"
Michelle S.
New York Edge
"This was such an amazing experience for the team at buzzback. Everyone at Five Tier was super helpful and responsive along the entire journey. We will definitely partner with Five Tier again and would recommend them to others as well."
Melanie D.
"Rescue + Freedom Project used Five Tier billboard placement as part of our Giving Tuesday campaign (the biggest fundraising day for Non Profits). They offered an incredible deal for Billboard placement in Times Square. We had a huge increase on social media, as well as 100+ new users to our website from NYC that day. The billboards looked incredible and they gave us video footage of the billboards playing. "
April A.
Rescue + Freedom Project
"Smiling Rocks had a great experience working with Five Tier, the team is very helpful and provides excellent advice on branding!"
Kish M.
New York Edge
"Very professionally!! Everything that they said they were going to do they did. I will definitely use them again!"
Michael H.
"Amazing customer service. Thank you for all you do. We look forward to using your services for many years."
Estate Entertainment
Company Representative