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The platform that allows you to access all forms of media and marketing - TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, social, mobile - to reach and engage customers in one place at the lowest cost.

Campaigns include ConnectedTV / OTT, Broadcast Out of Home, Streaming Audio, Direct Mail and of course the iconic Times Square Billboards!


One Time Packages

Elevate your brand on our "Spectaculars" Raise brand awareness and get your message out.

Friday Social

Available for first time customers only. Campaign's run on Friday's

$ 500
  • 20 - :15 second Ad Plays
  • Broadway Plaza Location
  • 12pm - 5pm EST Placement
  • MP4 Video or Static Image
  • Concierge Account Setup
  • Digital Onboarding and Support


$ 2,500
  • 100 - :15 Second Ad Plays
  • 43 East Location
  • All "Social" Features
  • 5pm - 10pm EST Placement
  • Onboarding Support Call
  • Creative Optimization Review


$ 5,000
  • 200 - :15 Second Ad Plays
  • Choice of 2 locations
  • All "Promotor" Features
  • 7am - 12pm EST Placement
  • Managed Placement
  • Proof of Play Photography
  • $500 in Complimentary Ad Credits
  • Support Hotline Access


$ 10K
  • 400 - :15 Second Ad Plays
  • 4 Locations
  • All "Publicist" Features
  • Pre-and-After Hours Placement
  • Dedicated Program Manager
  • Program Press Release
  • Post Program Reporting

Core Industries We Support


Artists, Galleries, Museums, Art Fairs & Special Exhibitions


Musicians, Labels, Recording Studios, Concerts & Festivals


Products, Hemp, CBD, Dispensaries, Growers & Conferences

Fashion & Beauty

Clothing Brands, Makeup, Skincare & Influencers


Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Technologies & NFT's


Production, Audio Technologies & Videography

What Our Programs Can Do For You

Grow Awareness

460,000+ pedestrians pass through iconic Times Square each day. Roughly 130 Million visitors on a yearly basis. Start there.

Across all channels we have the ability to deliver 270 Billion+ impressions per month.

Improve Perception

Place yourself amongst the most elite brands and companies to elevate your position, impressing customers and other key stakeholders.

Increase Engagement

People engage with and buy what they know. When people know you and perceive higher value, they engage and convert.

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Client Testimonials


“We have seen a growing need for ad hoc services from our clients and agency partners when it comes to Connected Media strategy, design and program management support that made this the right move at the right time in terms of both the market and our growth cycle,” stated Frank O’Brien the Founder and CEO of Five Tier, Inc.

Five Tier, Inc. opened its doors in 2015 as a platform to connect all marketing and media channels more efficiently and effectively and has been covered by major press outlets like Forbes, NPR, CheddarTV, CNBC, and Bloomberg among others.

In 2017 the company added instant, direct placement media capabilities for digital out of home locations, expanding in 2018 to include placements on a growing network of Connected Television (CTV) and Over the Top (OTT) media partners.

Today, Five Tier Connect – the company’s turnkey, managed or self-serve platform – services thousands of clients annually across nearly every category and marketing channel with the addition of targeted, trackable direct mail, digital display, streaming audio, and much more.

“Connected Studios gives us the ability to continue to grow and lead the exciting new category of Connected Media by helping to fill gaps in the delivery chain when and where the need arises,” O’Brien continued. “We look forward to continuing to roll out this offering in 2022 and growing to meet the needs of the developing market.”

From Iconic Times Square